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SUN&CO Party building activities

In-depth implementation of the spirit of the 19th CPC Congress, strengthening the party building and gathering people's hearts, integrating advantages and promoting development


Sun&Co established CPC branch in April ,2011. We attach importance to the construction of the leadership team and the branch team. Our director and partner served as the secretary of Party Branch and the deputy secretary of Party Branch respectively. Party members play an exemplary role.

Sun&Co strive to create an advanced basic-level CPC Organization,actively explore new modes and methods for party building work, and form a "four one" party building system with characteristics.

Basic direction: Strengthen party building , Promote professional proficiency

Basic target: Expertise and Innovation

Basic root: Rooted in the masses, connected with the masses, and served the masses

Basic innovation pattern: Innovate the party’s positioning Model in SUN&CO

       Innovate the root of party on serve the masses and unite people in SUN&CO

       Innovate the strategy of party to lead the healthy development of enterprises in SUN&CO

       Innovate the fighting fortress role of Party to play in SUN&CO

Party building system

The branch insisted on comprehensively leading the work of the firm with the party building work, and formulated various rules and regulations in line with the development of the firm, which drove the stable development of the firm. Six key system specifications:

Sun&Co CPC branch Living system

At least one branch party meeting and the last party class shall be held at least once a quarter; at least one branch committee meeting and one-party group meeting shall be held at least once a month; Launch an annual theme party day.

Sun&Co CPC branch Daily education management system

Standardize and implement the system of transfer of party members' organizations, management of party fees collection, development of party members, and centralized training of party members. If a party member is newly practiced or transferred to other law firm, or outside studying or working time which is more than six months or longer, the formal organizational relationship must be transferred in time according to the regulations. The party fee shall be collected in full every month, and the party fee management shall be strictly regulated. The annual collection of party fees will be announced on time.

Sun&Co CPC branch political work system

Conduct an analysis of the ideological and political situation every quarter, study and analyze the ideological status of party members in this branch, and grasp the ideological dynamics in a timely manner.

Sun&Co CPC branch Democratic appraisal of party members system

Sun&Co CPC branch combines the annual special organization life meeting to carry out democratic appraisal of party members, listen carefully to the opinions of the masses, earnestly carry out criticism and self-criticism, analyze the ideological situation within the party, and strengthen the ideological education of party members. Establish Sun&Co CPC branch Party Style and Integrity System. Education our members to compliance with CPC discipline. Violate the CPC discipline will be punishment.

Sun&Co CPC branch group discussion system

Establish and improve the party organization's system of opinions and suggestions on major issues involving the development of the law firm's work and major measures.

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